Andaluse Music of North Africa w/ Maestro Omar Mokhtari

Wednesdays, 7:00-9:00 pm, beginning November 16

$150.00 advance / $160.00 after October 31, $25 drop-in
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Andaluse music is based on noubas. Each nouba is composed of seven movements : Touchya, Inqilab, Mcadar, Btayhi, Darj, Inciraf, and Khalass. There are eleven different Noubas covering all the different Modes or Keys. In addition there are regional genres such as Shabi, Kabilya, Haouzi, and Zendaly.


Since childhood, Omar Mokhtari's first and greatest love has been music. As a teenager, he built his first stringed instrument and taught himself the traditional music of his region in Algeria by observing masters and memorizing recordings. After the war of independence from the French, his travels and studies allowed him to learn many styles and forms of North African music. By the age of 18, Omar had been awarded membership into two prestigious conservatories of classical North African music, and had won a national championship in solo musicality. Before moving to America in 1979, he led the orchestra of the University of Annaba. In 1996, with the help of Chris Caswell, he founded the Pacific Andaluse Conservatory of North African Music (PACNAM).

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