Classes: Spring II Series

May 1, 2017 - June 12, 2017  All Classes are $130 early bird, $140 regular. Early bird pricing until midnight on Monday, April 24.

Mondays starting 5/1

Introduction to Mountain Dulcimer w/ DJ Hamouris, 5:30 pm

Fiddle Repertoire w/ Anatomy of a Fiddle Tune w/ Erik Hoffman, 7:00 pm

Mountain Dulcimer 2 w/ DJ Hamouris, 7:00 pm

Regional Greek Violin Technique w/ Aya Davidson, 8:30 pm (starts 5/8)

Beginning Fiddle III - Expanding Our Repertoire & Solidifying Our Technique w/ Erik Hoffman, 8:30 pm

Folk Song Repertoire w/ Shay Black, 8:30 pm (no class 5/22, make-up 6/19)

Tuesdays starting 5/2

Bluegrass Jam Class Level 1 w/ Bill Evans, 6:30 pm

Clawhammer Banjo for the Rank Beginner w/ Evie Ladin & Erik Pearson, 6:30 pm

Bluegrass Harmony Singing w/ Avram Siegel, 6:30 pm

Songwriting w/ Jim Bruno, 7:00 pm

Bluegrass Jam Class Level 2 w/ Bill Evans, 8:00 pm

Clawhammer Banjo Slow Repertoire w/ Evie Ladin & Erik Pearson, 8:00 pm

Singing Oustide of the Shower: 21st Century Folk Repertoire w/ Melanie Ida Chopko, 8:00 pm 

Wednesdays starting 5/3

Beginning/Intermediate Guitar w/ Gabriel Olin, 5:30 pm

Beginning 'Ukulele w/ Hiram Bell, 7:00 pm

Fingerpicking The Blues w/ Pete Madsen, 7:00 pm

Beginning Guitar w/ Gabriel Olin, 7:00 pm

Jamming the Blues w/ Pete Madsen, 8:30 pm

Intermediate Guitar w/ Gabriel Olin, 8:30 pm

Thursdays starting 5/4

Beginning 'Ukulele w/ Hiram Bell, 5:30 pm

Beginning Blues Harmonica w/ David Matthews, 7:00 pm

Flatpicking Fundamentals w/ Richard Brandenburg, 7:00 pm 

Intermediate 'Ukulele w/ Hiram Bell, 7:00 pm

Singing From Inside the Song w/ Richard Brandenburg, 8:30 pm

Women's Singing Circle w/ Tamsen Fynn, 8:30 pm

Sundays starting 5/7

Music Theory for Instrumentalists & Vocalists w/ Kay Eskenazi, 5:00 pm

Beginning Jazz Guitar w/ Kay Eskenazi, 6:30 pm

Women's Singing Circle w/ Tamsen Fynn, 6:30 pm

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