Thursday June 14, 2018
Start: 06/14/2018 8:00 pm

Cuban pianist/composer/arranger Edgar Pantoja is nothing less than a force of nature on the contemporary jazz and Latin music scenes. His international collaborations with the likes of Rubén Blades, John Benítez, David Murray, Angelique Kidjo, Descemer Bueno, and Pedrito Martinez speak volumes, but witnessing a live Pantoja performance is where you will be converted. He is deceptive in his calm demeanor, making the difficult seem easy and the impossible, doable. He is a musical facilitator with elegant melodic taste and an uncanny rhythmic sense, always making his bandmates shine.

Friday June 15, 2018
Start: 06/15/2018 8:00 pm

Moonalice is a psychedelic, roots-rock band of seasoned musicians mixing a variety of genres with extended musical improvisations that evoke a sense of adventure and exploration. Everyone is a part of the experience and the music inspires dancing and other acts of self expression. Every show has an original art poster created by a well-known artist memorializing that event and given to all attendees…each poster has its own Moonalice legend. All concerts are broadcasted live in HD and available in archive shortly after their set.


Saturday June 16, 2018
Start: 06/16/2018 8:00 pm

Mark Hummel’s latest project is an exciting collection of artistic talent including Guy Davis, Joe Beard, Barbara Dane, Lazy Lester, Howell Devine, Mark Hummel, and the Deep Basement Shakers. The artists will each play individually and collectively in exciting acoustic and light electric excursions into their individual and combined catalogues of traditional and contemporary songs.

Sunday June 17, 2018
Start: 06/17/2018 1:00 pm

This special Father’s Day show features three thought-provoking singer-songwriters sharing songs and stories about fatherhood, family, and more. Steve Seskin’s songs feature touching messages, from the feelings of a little boy missing his father, to growing up and being true to yourself. Keith Greeninger’s songs range from soulful ballads to hard-driving anthems, and his rich vocal range conveys both strength and vulnerability. John Lester is an accomplished singer-songwriter-bassist, back home in the Bay Area after a decade of living and touring in Europe.

Start: 06/17/2018 7:00 pm

The Freight teams up with La Peña Cultural Center for a fundraiser in honor of La Peña's 43rd Anniversary! The concert features Barrio Manouche, a gypsy jazz & flamenco fusion ensemble based in San Francisco, with musicians from Spain, France, Brazil, California, Quebec and beyond. The band is one of the Bay Area's biggest rising stars, mesmerizing audiences with performances that incorporate flamenco dancing and other memorable surprises.

Monday June 18, 2018
Start: 06/18/2018 7:30 pm

Come check out the future when the West Coast Songwriters Association presents its monthly Freight & Salvage Songwriter Competition, where members get the chance to take the stage and perform their material before a live audience. Performers sign up from 6:45 to 7:20, and at 7:30 the show's on!

Wednesday June 20, 2018
Start: 06/20/2018 8:00 pm

In 1994 at The Alligator Lounge in Santa Monica, a connection materialized between genre-bending guitarist Nels Cline (best known as the lead guitarist in Wilco) and rhythmic virtuoso Scott Amendola. That musical bond expanded for two-and-a-half decades before finally coalescing into Stretch Woven. All systems are a go for this exciting duo, so get ready for a voyage that marries the somewhat familiar to the farther far out.

Thursday June 21, 2018
Start: 06/21/2018 8:00 pm

When Leonard Cohen passed away in November 2016, it reaffirmed singer Perla Batalla’s mission of sharing the lesser-known songs of Canada's poet laureate. She knew there was much of Cohen’s body of work she still wanted to perform and record. The evening reveals the timelessness of Cohen's art through Perla’s signature cross-cultural style, conveying her sincere respect and deep love for the music, the poetry, and most of all for her dear friend, Leonard Cohen.

Friday June 22, 2018
Start: 06/22/2018 8:00 pm

Previously of the Grammy-winning Turtle Island Quartet, Jeremy Kittel has been a composer-arranger-collaborator for such diverse artists as My Morning Jacket, Yo-Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble, and Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn. He blazes through a Bach violin partita as easily as a Scottish reel, bringing the same intense focus and precision to both. For the last few years the Michigan native, now based in Brooklyn, has been diligently building his own repertoire of music for a wholly original new group.

Saturday June 23, 2018
Start: 06/23/2018 8:00 pm

Shawn Colvin’s songwriting is both keen and warm-hearted, leavening even the toughest tales with tenderness, empathy, and a searing sense of humor. In the 27 years since the release of her debut album, Colvin has won three Grammy Awards, released eleven albums, written a critically acclaimed memoir, maintained a non-stop national and international touring schedule, appeared on countless television and radio programs, and had her songs featured in major motion pictures.

Sunday June 24, 2018
Start: 06/24/2018 7:00 pm

Shawn Colvin’s songwriting is both keen and warm-hearted, leavening even the toughest tales with tenderness, empathy, and a searing sense of humor. In the 27 years since the release of her debut album, Colvin has won three Grammy Awards, released eleven albums, written a critically acclaimed memoir, maintained a non-stop national and international touring schedule, appeared on countless television and radio programs, and had her songs featured in major motion pictures.

Tuesday June 26, 2018
Start: 06/26/2018 7:30 pm

The longest running open stage in the Bay Area now has free admission. Also, for this evening's open mic, performance spots will be assigned via a lottery system, not "first-come, first-served."

Wednesday June 27, 2018
Start: 06/27/2018 8:00 pm

Born in California to Portuguese immigrants, Ramana Vieira was raised on a diet of Fado music. Ramana’s work captures traditional Fado and influences from the Portuguese diaspora in a musical tapestry that ranges from the whispering, haunting ballads, to jazzy blues. A proficient pianist and a gifted songwriter, Vieira composes her own original Fados, several of which have been nominated at the International Portuguese Music Awards.

Thursday June 28, 2018
Start: 06/28/2018 8:00 pm

Don Arbor is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and award-winning video artist, with a knack for timely subjects and catchy tunes. Don's songs have been compared to such varied performers as Glenn Frey of the Eagles, George Harrison, Steely Dan, and even Green Day. His warm vocals pair effortlessly with evocative lyrics that capture audiences with their relatability and cultural resonance.

Friday June 29, 2018
Start: 06/29/2018 8:00 pm

Americana powerhouse trio Red Molly is known for their gorgeous harmonies, infectious songwriting, and captivating stage presence, weaving together the threads of American music—from folk roots to bluegrass, from heartbreaking ballads to barn-burning honky tonk—as effortlessly as they blend their voices into their signature crystalline, three-part harmonies.

Saturday June 30, 2018
Start: 06/30/2018 11:30 am

Please come enjoy our free fiddlekids fiddle concert. It's always a sweet and incredible show of young fiddlers playing their recently learned tunes. Only happens once a year, and we'd love to have you join us in celebrating our 21st year!


Start: 06/30/2018 8:00 pm

Legendary guitarist/vocalist Guitar Shorty is a giant in the blues world. Credited with influencing both Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Guy, Guitar Shorty has been electrifying audiences for five decades with his supercharged live shows and his incendiary recordings. Like a bare knuckled boxer, Shorty strikes with his blistering, physical guitar playing and his fierce vocals, connecting directly with body and soul. What really sets Shorty apart is his absolutely unpredictable, off-the-wall guitar playing. He reaches for sounds, riffs and licks that other blues players wouldn't even think of.

Sunday July 01, 2018
Start: 07/01/2018 1:00 pm

Join mother-daughter team Celia Ramsay and Calvaleigh Rasmussen to sing Old Time traditional songs about animals, Woody Guthrie's “Mail Myself to You,” ​Barry Polisar's “I Wanna Be a Dog,” and many others! For kids from age four to fourth grade (but EVERYONE is welcome! Bring your favorite adult!)

Start: 07/01/2018 7:00 pm

The Hip Spanic AllStars emerged from San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood in 2010, the product of a musical collaboration involving longtime friends, Happy Sanchez, Karl Perazzo (Santana), Norbert Stachel and Mic Gillette (Tower of Power), Dave Shul (Michael Franti and Spearhead) and Jay Lane (Primus). They create an amazing blend of Latin, Jazz, Funk and World Music - mixing it all together into a melodic and rhythmic gumbo.


Thursday July 05, 2018
Start: 07/05/2018 8:00 pm

From the hills of Bluegrass to the hollers of the African-American musical experience, Hills to Hollers delves deep into the rich history of both white and black musical traditions from the American South. This powerhouse trio of Laurie Lewis, Linda Tillery, and Barbara Higbie, features soaring three-part harmonies, unmatched musicianship, and soulful performances of both classic and original southern music.

Friday July 06, 2018
Start: 07/06/2018 8:00 pm

Fanna-Fi-Allah hold the flame of traditional Sufi Qawwali music, with the blessings of their teachers; some of the greatest masters of the qawwali form in India and Pakistan. Through the beauty of the music they embody a universal message of devotion and tolerance that is crucial to our time. The group's music celebrates the great Sufi mystics of old and relishes in the love of the Divine through poetry. Sung with a powerful soaring chorus and accompanied by the energetic rhythms of tabla and group clapping.

Saturday July 07, 2018
Start: 07/07/2018 8:00 pm

"What do you get when you cross Colombian folk music, Congolese soukous, Haitian kompa, zouk, calypso, mbaqanga, soca, rap, reggae and the joy of being Afro-Colombian? Tribu Baharú!! Founded in 2010 in Bogotá, Tribu Baharú is a high-energy Afro-Champeta music crew from Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Champeta is an infectious, exuberant dance music that gloriously reflects the rebellious spirit of solidarity of Afro-Colombia today. Don't miss this unique band in their Bay Area debut and bring your dancing shoes! This is why we live in the Bay Area!" - John Santos

Sunday July 08, 2018
Start: 07/08/2018 7:00 pm

Gina Yashere
From The Daily Show & Netflix’s The Standups: Comedian Gina Yashere! (and Acquaintances) is a one-night comedy show produced by Bay Area comedian and comedy producer, Lisa Geduldig, of Kung Pao Kosher Comedy. The show will feature internationally-acclaimed comedian, Gina Yashere, and her opening acts, Shea Suga and Karinda Dobbins. Lisa Geduldig will MC.


Tuesday July 10, 2018
Thursday July 12, 2018
Start: 07/12/2018 8:00 pm

Described by the Huffington Post as “an evolutionary force in contemporary Middle Eastern music, NIYAZ has created a 21st century global trance tradition by seamlessly blending medieval Sufi poetry and folk songs from their native Iran and its surrounding countries in the Persian Gulf, with rich acoustic instrumentation and state-of-the-art modern electronics.

Friday July 13, 2018
Start: 07/13/2018 8:00 pm

Originally created for the National Theatre of Korea, Korean Men takes a hilarious look at male and female roles today, through the use of Korean folk music and jazz. Led by Lee Heemoon, an extraordinary ‘sorikkun’ (Korean folk singer) who earns acclaim as a groundbreaking iconic artist with each performance, the group includes Korea's top jazz group Prelude, accompanied by an electrifying minyo duo Nom Nom.

Saturday July 14, 2018
Start: 07/14/2018 8:00 pm


Sunday July 15, 2018
Start: 07/15/2018 7:00 pm

Margaret Belton is that rare artist who fuses her exceptional talent with a genuine warmth that makes audiences feel they’re part of the family. Fresh off of her critically acclaimed portrayal of Patsy Cline in ‘Always… Patsy Cline’ she comes to the Freight for an evening of story and song to honor the musical legend Patsy Cline, joined by Maurice Tani, David Phillips, Mike Anderson, Justin Berthiaume, and Henry Salvia.

Monday July 16, 2018
Start: 07/16/2018 7:30 pm
Wednesday July 18, 2018
Start: 07/18/2018 8:00 pm

The whistling of the high-mountain wind forms eerie overtones and postmodern statement. The repeated thrum of a string against wood and hide turns into a meditative, evocative figure straight from the avant garde. The descendents of isolated Siberian herdsmen make serious, strangely universal music out of some of the planets quirkiest acoustics.


Thursday July 19, 2018
Start: 07/19/2018 8:00 pm

Peppino D'Agostino emerged on the acoustic guitar scene in the early 80’s as a leading fingerstyle player who helped redefine the instrument. His remarkable technique, penchant for open tunings, and percussive effects are the basis of his unique compositional style which has been inspiring musicians and audiences alike for decades. Add to that his natural warmth, playfulness, and broad musical tastes and you have the recipe for what he calls “minestrone music.”

Friday July 20, 2018
Saturday July 21, 2018
Start: 07/21/2018 8:00 pm

Grammy-nominated guitarist, singer and songwriter Bill Kirchen is one of the fortunate few who can step on any stage, play those trademark licks, and elicit instant recognition. Named a “Titan of the Telecaster” by Guitar Player Magazine, he celebrates a musical tradition that embraces rock ‘n’ roll, blues and bluegrass, Texas Western swing and California honky-tonk. 

Sunday July 22, 2018
Start: 07/22/2018 7:00 pm

Whether or not you’ve heard his music before, odds are you’ve heard Dan Tyminski’s voice. Dan provided the singing voice for George Clooney in the Coen Brothers film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, and the vocals for Avicii’s smash hit “Hey Brother.”  He currently sings and plays guitar as part of the Bluegrass band Union Station, which he became a member of in 1994. 

Wednesday July 25, 2018
Start: 07/25/2018 8:00 pm

Soul's Core Revival Tour 20th Anniversary double album coming in July

With his supple baritone and insightful songwriting, Shawn Mullins has been engaging audiences since he won his first high-school talent contest with his own composition. He believes in following his heart — no matter where it leads. His songs are personal. And when he steps onstage each night, he sings them with all the passion he's got in his heart.

Thursday July 26, 2018
Start: 07/26/2018 8:00 pm

Joe Rut rolls into the Freight & Salvage to celebrate the Release of his 7th album, Nekkid. Joe’s quirky sense of humor underpins a heartfelt, richly lyrical and subtly hallucinatory Americana/Alt-country landscape. His funny songs can break your heart, and his sad songs can make you laugh. Comparisons have been drawn to Todd Snider, Josh Ritter, John Prine, and Loudon Wainright III. It is a deeply American music, although nobody seems to be guarding the border too closely (the guards apparently bribed with psychedelics to look the other way.)

Friday July 27, 2018
Start: 07/27/2018 7:00 pm

Marcia Ball, the 2018 Texas State Musician Of The Year, has won worldwide fame and countless fans for her ability to ignite a full-scale roadhouse rhythm and blues party every time she takes the stage. Her rollicking Texas boogies, swampy New Orleans ballads and groove-laden Gulf Coast blues have made her a one-of-a-kind favorite with music lovers all over the world. 

Saturday July 28, 2018
Start: 07/28/2018 8:00 pm

"ÌFÉ, direct from Puerto Rico, is an amazing new group that is the epitome of deep roots in contemporary context. Their captivating repertoire consists of sacred and secular traditional Afro-Cuban and Afro-Caribbean rhythms and songs interpreted with traditional and electronic instruments and sounds.

Sunday July 29, 2018
Start: 07/29/2018 7:00 pm

Deva Mahal was born with the blues in her blood. Becoming the genre-defying artist, powerhouse vocalist and astute songwriter that she is today could only be achieved through living a life rich with pain, joy, loss, love, heartache and experience. Deva has forged her unique sound by growing her blues roots through the fertile soil of modern R&B, indie-pop, soul, rock and gospel.

Monday July 30, 2018
Start: 07/30/2018 7:30 pm

Ethan Ostrow is a Jazz pianist, composer, and vocalist from Berkeley. In January of 2017, Ethan finished treatment for stage-4 cancer, and was pronounced in remission. In 2017 he held a benefit concert for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society (LLS), playing compositions he had written during treatment. This July will mark Ethan’s second annual benefit for the LLS! He is joined by Max Schwartz (Bass), Pele Greenberg (Drums), and special guests!

Tuesday July 31, 2018
Start: 07/31/2018 8:00 pm
Wednesday August 01, 2018
Start: 08/01/2018 12:01 am
Monday September 03, 2018
Start: 09/03/2018 12:01 am


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